Internships for TV Writers?

We’ve touched upon related subjects briefly in the course ot TVWriter™’s long and occasionally illustrious life, but we don’t think we’ve ever specifically addressed the subject of television writers and internships. And now we don’t have to cuz Amanda, of The Aspiring TV Writer & Screenwriter Blog has done it for us. Newbies of the World thank you, Amand!:

from espireeducation.comWhat Kind of Internships Do I Need?
by Amanda

Ally writes: I’m college senior in New York City with six internships under my belt, three of which are administrative/ communications related, the other three in television and film. One of them was with a well-known film studio, the others two with independent, semi-well connected production companies. Basically, I’m reading a lot of scripts and running errands in the city. Since I want to be a script reader and television writer and I have a year left of school to apply for internships, I’m wondering: where should I go next? Should I continue applying for development internships with production companies, where I do coverage for free all day? Or should I apply to high profile film studios within other departments for the aesthetic sake of my resume?…

It sounds like you are doing everything right – and I don’t think there’s a “right” answer to your question. Six internships is a lot! If you want to be a writer, I do think it could be useful for you to be at an agency or management company, just to see that side of it, but don’t think about it as the way to get represented there – it’s probably just too soon for that. Really, any internship – development, studio, production company, etc., would be valuable. You just want to be A) learning something and B) meeting people who can help you get a paid job once you graduate…

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