“How Do I Get Started as a TV Director?”

Michael Weatherly strikes a directorial pose

by TeamTVWriter Press Service

Well, here’s one way:

“@eyesonly321: @M_Weatherly Hey Michael,will you be directing an ep this season?” Yes! I will be directing ABSOLUTELY!!

— Michael Weatherly (@M_Weatherly) July 12, 2012

Michael Weatherly hits another directorial pose

Big congrats to Michael! It’s so great to see a newbie get a break.

One thought on ““How Do I Get Started as a TV Director?””

  1. Not that anyone asked, but what surprises me most about those on TVWRITER.Com is how totally different they are from those of my generation: B.C. Not only in years, but in attitude, energy, even goals. In my day, a ‘WRITER’ — wrote. Yes, some as a step-hold to PRODUCING, DIRECTING, even ACTING, actually, but that was rare. For whatever reason we wanted to tell the story, and go on to tell another one, and another… We were a LEAGUE OF WRITERS. And many of us still are. An older league…but a league none the less.
    In fact, and this might surprise you. There was one who was different. He sat down in front of the Producer, Story Editor, opened his script and without saying a word said, “Okay, whatever ya gotta say, say it fast, cause I’m not gonna pay much attention to it anyway. It’s my script, I wrote it my way, and that’s how I wanna see it on the screen. Got anything to say, Sanford, Saltzman, Quinn? No? Good! Here’s another idea I just came up with. It’s f-n dynamite!” gs

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