Here’s a Kickstarter Video Project We Can Get Behind


How can we not love a project that has as its logline:

The worst movie of all time brought to terrifying puppet life!

What’s happening is that Rachel Jackson of Seattle, WA (Hi, Seattle! You’re practically our hometown!) writer/producer/puppeteer extraordinaire, among still other things, has been putting on the puppet play, MANOS – THE HANDS OF FELT for a few years now and is looking to widen its audience by distributing it on DVD.

She’s looking for ten grand to make the video production happen. We’ve alreeady checked out the details and seen some video, and we suggest you do the same by clicking over to Kickstarter and, oh, hell, you know the drill.

Oh, a note for Ms. Jackson. In 1966, Stirling Silliphant definitely was not a “location manager” for the TV show ROUTE 66. Nor was he ever. He did, however, write and produce much of the show, which ended in 1964. In ’66, Sillliphant’s Oscar winning screenplay for IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT was finishing up its production.

Give the writers their due, please, Rachel. Especially since you’re a member of that very club.