Have We Told You About the BBC Writers Room?


Actually, we’re pretty sure we have, but having published one article today from that magnificent site reminded us that it’s probably time to mention it again.

So this is that mention: The BBC Writers Room is one of if not the very best television writing site(s) on the web.

It has writing tips, interviews with BBC writers, contests, and sponsors live, c’mon over and hang with us workshops, seminars, and festivals. (The only downside is that if you aren’t in Great Britain you probably won’t be able to take advantage of that “live” stuff.)

Oh, and it’s great looking too.

Best of all, though, the BBC Writers Room has scripts. 180 of them at last count. Professional scripts from BBC shows. We’re also big fans of the blog, written by BBC writing and production staff members and featuring topics with titles like Writing In The Flesh with the safety off, Rewriting, Wanted: decent female characters for long-term relationship with writers.

Notice how inconsistent the use of upper case letters and such in the titles we mentioned is? To some that might be a flaw indicating a lack of editorial oversight. To us it’s a sign of the freedom the Beeb gives its writers. A freedom that grows out of respect for what writers do. (Not something you see all that often in U.S. TV.)

Our advice: Run, do not walk to the BBC Writers Room home page and check, check, check it all out. You’ll be glad you did.

Want to go directly to the script collection? This is the place.

Eager to charge into the blog? Then go here.