Glen Larson vs. Universal: It’s About Time

‘Knight Rider’ Producer Survives Round One in Universal Fraud Lawsuit – by Eriq Gardner

Television producer Glen Larson has jumped the first hurdle in his multimillion-dollar lawsuit against Universal over money from a string of hit shows from the 1970s and 1980s.

Larson, whose work includesKnight RiderThe Six Million Dollar ManMagnum P.I. andBattlestar Galactica, claims that the series generated hundreds of millions of dollars for the studio yet he hasn’t received any profit participation statements and “as the shows make more money for Universal, the deficit that Larson Productions must overcome continually increases.”

In a detailed ruling issued this week, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James Dunn is allowing most of Larson’s claims to move forward over objections made by the studio at the initial stage.

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Whoopee! Go, Glen, Go–

Oops, you caught us rooting. But why not? After all:

  1. Unless you grew up in a Izbekistan you know damn well that every time the talent on any show is suing the studio over not getting their contractual piece of the action the studio’s been fucking cheating them
  2. Glen Larson was TVWriter™ Boss Larry Brody’s boss for a lotta years, some of which LB even describes as “yeah, it was okay

So there’s no contest here. Of course we’re on GL’s side.

How about you?

3 thoughts on “Glen Larson vs. Universal: It’s About Time”

  1. Larson was my boss, too, when I produced ‘KNIGHT RIDER’…and I never layed eyes on him. gs

    1. That’s too bad. Glen is at his best when he’s hosting in a social situation. I was his #2 on so many shows…(and I even got paid for one of them).

  2. It’s okay, I remember calling my mom once telling her I was just made Story Editor of some show, and she answered, “I know the show, but who are you again?” gs

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