David Fincher! Kevin Spacey! Netflix! What Can Go Wrong?

Sorry, kids, but we aren’t being snarky. We actually mean that question. Yesterday, the Netflix blog announced that HOUSE OF CARDS, a new series made just for them, will debut February 1, 2013, with not just the first, nor the first and the second, but all 13 episode springing to life on the website at once.

Writers include Beau Willimon, who wrote the pilot based on a novel by Michael Dobbs, and, we’re guessing several others who Netflix hasn’t bothered to name, probably for the usual reasons. (“Writers? These shows are written? By humans?”)

In addition to executive producer Fincher, who directed the first couple of eps, directors include James Foley (he directed GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS), Carl Franklin (director of DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS), and Joel Schumacher (BATMAN FOREVER, TWELVE,  THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA).

Yeah, we’re a little P.O.’d about the writers’ names being overlooked, but, hey, Kevin Spacey’s the star. Which means that we’ll definitely be streaming come February 1st. (Urm, okay, so we’re tuning in for an actor. For the star. That’s what they’re there for, you know?! Damn.)