Conquering Your Fears So You Can Write

…because writing’s all that counts in this life anyway…um, if you’re a writer.

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Fear and Focus – by Charlotte Rains Dixon

We don’t always think of fear and focus at the same time, but there’s very good reason to pair them.

Focus.  It’s what we all desire, what gets the writing done.  Because the words don’t go on the page without it.

Fear.  It’s often what keeps us from focusing.

The kinds of fears we writers and creative types deal with are the insidious ones.  They may very well be so insidious that we don’t even recognize them as fears.  Instead, fears can masquerade as a lack of focus. Have you ever told yourself any of the following when it came time to write?

I don’t need to work on the book today

–The kitchen floor needs washing.  I better do it now, instead of writing.

–I need to check my email.

–Writing is too hard, I’ll look at Facebook instead

Perhaps some of the following fears are hiding behind this sudden desire to do something, anything, other than write:

Not knowing what to write

–Not knowing how to write

–Going deep

–Not being good enough

–Being too good

–Putting yourself and your words out in the world.

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One thought on “Conquering Your Fears So You Can Write”

  1. Finally, someone has focused on “WHAT GETS THE WRITING DONE.” And why do so few do it. Having written steadily now for over 50 years — everything from the stage, TV, feature films, as well as lyrics — I wonder there aren’t more doing it, and for longer times. I mean like from the teens to death. I remember working on a TV series for QM there was a writer who had been writing steadily for a quarter of a century when overnight he gave it up to sell Real Estate. In fact, I’d be willing to say at least 70% give it up after 10 years, and not because they aren’t making a living at it, but because they were only making 5 upper figures. In fact, I myself gave it up at my height to become a clothing designer. Of course, my love at the time was a model, and left me to go to Paris where she not only became a top model, but married the Chairman of DiOr! (or however you spell it!) So once again, if anyone is reading my little blips (is that how you spell that, Lawrence?) Write your plays be they for TV, MOVIES, or the ROYAL STAGE. gs

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