BLAKE’S 7 Reboot Heading for U.S.? What’s BLAKE’S 7?

Don’t you just hate it when people talk about “cult hits” that you’ve never heard of? It makes us feel so, so…feeb…

Not the cast in the version we’ll see

Blake’s 7 Reboot Coming to U.S. Television? – by Charlie Jane Anders

The British show Blake’s 7 is one of those TV series that has a small cult following — but a huge impact on the history of science fiction television, with its morally gray, arc-based storytelling influencing a whole generation of creators. There’s been talk of a new Blake’s 7 series, either a reboot or a sequel featuring Paul Darrow as Avon, for a decade — but now, there’s a brand new deal to make it happen. On American television.

All the previous notions of reviving Blake’s 7 were supposed to be on British television, probably a satellite TV network. But according to Deadline, Martin Campbell (Casino Royale, Green Lantern) has gotten involved in a bid by Georgeville Television to create a new Blake’s 7 series that reinvents the show from scratch — and Campbell is signed up direct the pilot. The script will be written by Joe Pokaski, who wrote for Heroes. Andrew Sewell, who was behind all the previous attempts to bring the show back, will be on board as an executive producer.

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Oh thankgod thankgod thankgod this says “small cult following.” Now we aren’t nearly so ashamed.