Another Fine Deal Some Agent Has Gotten Craig Wright Into

Craig Wright in the best pic of a writer we’ve seen so far

We aren’t certain if this was the intention, but to us Fox Entertainment’s Fox 21 division represents the company’s most creatively ambitious work, producing as it does such series as SONS OF ANARCHY, BREAKOUT KINGS, and HOMELAND.

Yesterday, Fox 21 continued in this high-faluting vein by signing Emmy-nominated writer and producer Craig Wright to an overall deal deal to create and supervise cable projects, according to The Hollywood Reporter. We think it’s a fine idea, not because we’re best buds with Craig (nobody here at TVWriter™ knows him, unfortunately for our own aspirations), but because of Craig’s fine work in the past on SIX FEET UNDER, LOST, BROTHERS AND SISTERS, and one of our all-time failed-in-the-ratings faves, DIRTY SEXY MONEY.

Looking forward to more Dirty, Sexy, uh, stuff now from Fox 21.