And Now a Public Service Announcement for Writers, Future Writers…

…And those who envy them, brought to you by:

Unsolicited Testimonial: “We learned everything we know about nature from reading Mark Trail.

Take it from those who know, kids. If  you’re gonna be a writer (or even an editor) you’d better love writing (and editing) ‘cuz:

That’s right, boys and girls. Just ‘cuz you have a big fancy boat doesn’t mean you have the money to pay an expensive ransom to a slick pirate with a great ‘stache.

Or, for that matter, to pay for the boat.

In fact, from what we’ve heard about boats from writers who’ve bought ’em, having one just about assures you of being broke.

Think that’s what this strip from a few days ago means?

We now return control of your interwebs connection to you. (Especially since there’s no reason in the world to waste time ‘phishing for any of your meaningless bank account passwords. Writers? Ha! Let’s go raid some accountants, gang. Now!)