munchman: A Real Dick Fight! Here! Now!


Well, what else do you call it when two world famous asswipes dick duke it out?

In this case, the dicks are Barry Diller and Rupert Murdoch, each of whom could easily claim to be the World’s Asswipe Champ.

These days, Diller is the Big Boss at Aereo, a nifty little device that allows its users to save and watch just about any over-the-air broadcast for free, i.e, without paying cable/satellite fees. And Murdoch, of course, is CEO of NewsCorp, which makes its money by charging various fees.

Which means that Murdoch is yelling that Aereo is all about unlawful use of intellectual property and that its sales should be banned, while Diller says things like, “I think what they [that would be NewsCorp] are doing is making a lot of noise in the hopes they will get relief from Congress” and, more to the point:

The big picture is to change the centricity of what has been closed systems to an open Internet system. The platform allows you to get free over the air broadcasts. If you don’t like cable, paying $150 a month or so for services, if you don’t happen to not live without ESPN, if those are true for you as a consumer, being able to watch all free broadcast, all the events, all of the local television for $8 a month is an alternative.

Hey, Barry sounds real sensible here, right? And caring? There’s only one problem. He’s forgetting that there’s such a thing as the interwebs, where we can already get everything Aereo has to offer – for free.

See what I mean by dicks?