You Call it “Developing” – These Doods Call it “Winning”

Way back in last November, The Hollywood Reporter, um, reported on the most successful TV producer/salesmen of the year 2011. Although both the year and their numbers of projects have changed since then, this is still very much the “A” group. The folks who can make or break you.

We present these kingpins now with one Very Important Bit O’Advice: Just reading about ’em ain’t enough. You need to find a way to say hello to:

Peter Chernin-Mark Gordon-Brian Grazer

10 Biggest Winners of TV Development Season – by Lacey Rose, Lesley Goldberg

“An invitation to an invitation to a pre-party.”

That’s how ABC chief Paul Lee describes his network’s fall script purchases, only a tiny percentage of which will end up on the air. Still, every hit show starts with an executive saying yes to a pitch, and during the past few months, networks sand studios have bought hundreds of promising new projects, from original ideas like “mechanical-human dramas” to remakes of classics like The Munsters and The Rifleman.

Now, with the pitch portion of development season nearing its end, The Hollywood Reporter is crowning the 10 biggest winners, based on volume of network sales rather than size of commitment or fees paid.

The Chernin Group, 20th Century Fox TV | 16 projects sold

  • Highlight: NBC’s Untitled Gene Hong, an ensemble comedy set in a karaoke bar with The Voice coach Adam Levine attached as an EP. The network has given a script commitment with penalty.

Mark Gordon Co., ABC Studios | 14 projects sold

  • Highlight: CBS has given a script plus penalty commitment to Source Code, an action/procedural that follows three former federal agents who are part of a top-secret program; loosely based on the Gordon-produced feature film.

Peter Traugott Productions, Universal Television | 13 projects sold

  • Highlight: ABC has given a script order to I’m With Stupid, a buddy comedy with Party Down duo Martin Starr and Ryan Hansen. Starr will pen the script alongside Better Off Ted‘s Justin Adler.

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