What? A Sitcom About a Bachelor Who Raises a 9 Year-Old Girl? How Original!

We won’t even talk about the Child Welfare repercussions. (Wonder if the show will.)

Tad Quill

Tad Quill/David Walton’s Firefighter Comedy Lands At CBS With Put Pilot Commitment – by Nellie Andreeva

EXCLUSIVE: In a competitive situation, CBS has nabbed a single-camera comedy written by Tad Quill and starring David Walton. The project, from Sony Pictures TV and studio-based Happy Madison, centers on a bachelor firefighter (Walton) who has to make the ultimate sacrifice of taking care of someone other than himself when a 9-year-old girl enters his life. Quill is executive producing with Happy Maddison’s Doug Robinson, with Walton serving as producer.

The untitled comedy reunites Quill, creator/executive producer of last season’s single-camera midseason NBC comedy Bent, and the series’ male lead David Walton.

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Bachelor fathers, of kids either their own or not their own, have been a TV staple for, what, 50 years? Ah, but the firefighter thing is the gold here, right? Because of all those funny tears funny fires can bring. And, what the heck, if David Walton gets out of line the network can just have him perish in a fiery inferno and replace him with, oh, maybe with whomever they want Tad Quill to partner up with next. (Not that CBS would ever even think of such a thing.)

Look at David Walton’s expression. Is he thinking, “I’m already half-way out?”