munchman: We Refuse to Make “Pan Am is Grounded” Jokes

…Instead we’re leaving that to the outstanding professionals at the Huffington Post.

Pan Am Canceled

‘Pan Am’ Canceled: ABC Series Officially Grounded

Pan Am” is officially dead. Sony was attempting to get “Pan Am” a new home after ABC canceled the low-rated series, but the revival failed to take off.

In a letter to World Wings International, a non-profit organization of former Pan Am flight attendants, Nancy Hult Ganis, a former Pan Am flight attendant and executive producer on the ABC series, made the announcement.

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We tried to watch PAN AM a couple of times, but everything about it, starting with the in-your-face COLOR!!!, through the mindless scripts that couldn’t decide what genre they were in, to Christina Ricci’s performance, which could only have been achieved with appropriate ’60s era performance-killing (as opposed to enhancing) drugs made our bodies scream, “Back!”

Well, not really scream because nothing on PAN AM ever had any emotional effect at all. But it did make us reach for Grandma’s bong.