I Just Found the Best Site…

by Larry Brody

…For how-to info on writing/producing/directing/you-name-it.

Why’re you still sitting there? Get thee to http://guru.bafta.org and check out everything that’s there. It’s the UK version of the U.S. Motion Picture Academy, but, as usual (except for the surveillance camera thing) the Brits get it right.

Of particular interest to writers/creators:

TV Drama Commissioners: Ben Stephenson (BBC)

The Controller of Drama Commissioning discusses what he’s looking for across BBC One, Two and Three and how to approach the corporation with an idea.


It all starts here. Every line of dialogue and piece of action first appeared on the blank page of the screenwriter.


As the driving force behind a project, a producer’s tenacity and commitment ensures it’s delivered on time, budget and much more.


That killer line of dialogue. The melodic phrase that caught your ear. Here’s where we hone in on the many individual crafts that are essential to production.

With quotes like these:

  • “If the ending is going to surprise anybody, it should surprise you first.” Frank Cottrell Boyce
  • “There should be no fear of failure. What are we afraid of? We have stories to tell.” Caryn Mandabach
  • “I look to be afraid. Overcoming fear is perhaps the best teacher.” Viggo Mortenson

Gotta go now. Time to devour this site.