Nothing Shines Like Good COPPER

There’s something about this upcoming BBC America series. Oh, yeah – Tom Fontana & Barry Levinson. To us, that means it’s going to both sound and look GOOD.

(Note to BBC America: We know you have the official billing as Barry Levinson & Tom Fontana, but this site is writercentric…which we think you should be too.)

The melting pot is boiling over.

In 1864, Kevin Corcoran returns from fighting in the Civil War. Appointed as a New York City police detective, he finds the city full of corruption, class conflict, racial tension and violence.

From Academy Award®-winner Barry Levinson and Emmy® Award-winner Tom Fontana, “Copper” is a gripping crime drama series set in 1860s New York City. Kevin Corcoran (Tom Weston-Jones, “MI-5?), an Irish-American former boxer turned cop, returns from the Civil War to find his wife missing and his daughter dead. As he patrols the streets of New York’s notorious Five Points neighborhood, he seeks the truth about what happened to his family with the help of two wartime friends: the wayward son of a wealthy industrialist, and a talented African-American doctor. The three men share a secret from their experience in battle that links their lives forever.

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