LB: Watch Closely – New Paradigm Shaping Up

by Larry Brody

Or, as Teal’c used to say: “Fascinating.”

Penguin’s Author Solutions Signs First-Look Deal with Thruline Entertainment – by Nellie Andreeva

EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Self-publishing firm Author Solutions, which was recently acquired by Penguin Group’s parent for $116 million, has closed a first-look partnership with management/production company Thruline Entertainment. Under the pact, Thruline and its production division Tagline (Psych) will have first crack at all coverages, treatments, and screenplays developed though ASI’s Book-to-Screen and Hollywood Trailer services with an eye at turning them into feature film or television projects.

ASI and Thruline are already working on two adaptations via Author Solutions’ million-dollar development fund: the teen-thriller Hide and Seek, adapted by screenwriter John Swetnam (Evidence), is being shopped, and horror novella Hush is in the process of being adapted by screenwriter Ben Ketai (30 Days of Night: Dark Days). Additionally, Tagline is already developing a television series based on a title that came through the ASI pipeline: Searching for Sassy by author Alyson Mead.

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To get the full benefit of the article above, it helps to know a little something about Author Solutions, so take a look.

Oh, wait, I typed too fast. It was Spock who said, “Fascinating.” Teal’c said, “Indeed.”

Or to quote Maynard G. Krebs on a series older than either STAR TREK or STARGATE: SGI (but without “Star” in its title): “Cool, daddy.”

The breadth of my TV knowledge appalls amazes me

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