Even Dead Men Have a Better Chance of Getting Writing Gigs Than We Do – Damn!

In this case the dead man is Stanley Kubrick, whose life pushed the “7” button in 1999, but still this tells us a lot about the way those in the Biz think, or sell (or maybe both, who knows?):

Two Never-Produced Stanley Kubrick Screenplays to Be Filmed for TV – by Alison Willmore

“Downslope” and “God Fearing Man,” two never-produced screenplays by the late Stanley Kubrick, are slated to be filmed for television, according to Deadline.

Entertainment One has partnered with producers Steve Lanning and Philip Hobbs’ Philco Films to complete the projects, one of which will become a TV movie and the other a miniseries.

“Downslope,” the movie, is based on a true story by historian and novelist Shelby Foote, and is an epic Civil War drama about Confederate Army Colonel John S. Mosby and his attempts to settle the score after General Custer captured and hanged some of his men.

“God Fearing Man” will be adapted to a miniseries from Kubrick’s script by Stephen R. Clarke, and is inspired by the true story of Herbert Emerson Wilson, a Baptist pastor who became one of early 20th century America’s most adept safe-crackers and bank robbers. Wilson wrote about his experiences in his memoir “I Stole $16,000,000.”

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Considering the quality of the EYES WIDE SHUT screenplay, we’d be a little wary about unproduced Kubrick work. Fortunately, there are a lot of rewriters to choose from. Wonder if any of them will be newbies? Wonder if any of them will be dead?

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  1. At this point in my life, if I don’t “make it” before I die, at least I have postmortem to look forward to – thank you for giving me hope 🙂

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