The only man in the world who could possibly still care about BEVERLY HILLS COP or Eddie Murphy (Les Moonves of CBS, who looks a bit like Garry Marshall these days)

…Because only at CBS are there viewers who can remember the film.

The way we see it (because we’re writers):

Oh God, Shawn Ryan’s got a deal at CBS to do a BEVERLY HILLS COP series but he’s stuck with Eddie Murphy being involved. Worse yet, Murphy might even have ideas and opinions!

The way everybody else sees it (because they aren’t writers):

It’s official. Eddie Murphy is playing a Beverly Hills Cop once more. The difference is, this time he’s brining his iconic Axel Foley character to TV. However, don’t get too excited. While Murphy will make appearances on the show from time to time, the focus isn’t on him. It will be on his fictional son, Aaron. (by Charlotte Kuchinsky – Gather News)

Everybody, including the audience, probably should celebrate now before this project becomes real and promptly hits the fan. Nice fantasy, though, if you’re old enough to have enjoyed Eddie Murphy in, well, anything.