LB: A Sad Goodbye To An Old Friend

Dann Cahn, one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever known, died last week in L.A. He was 89 years old and, to me, both the Big Dog of the TV Editing World and the Best Reason to Go into Work Every Day While I was Producing THE FALL GUY.

How brilliant an editor was Dann? Let’s put it this way: He edited Orson Welles’ MACBETH and also just happened to perfect the technique for editing three-camera comedy, back in the day when he was chief editor of the funniest show to ever be on television, I LOVE LUCY.

How good a guy was Dann? His wit, charm, and excitement about just plain being alive kept me going through some of the most difficult professional circumstances of my career. You didn’t dare quit on anything when Dann was around because you were just sure – I mean absolutely certain – that if you didn’t keep on kicking ass you’d break Dann’s all-encompassing heart.

Miss you, man. But I know that wherever you are, you’re laughing.

The L.A. Times talks about Dann.