Behind The Scenes Of WandaVision And How It Was Actually Made

Woah! Another terrifically educational video, this time about the making of one of our favorite new shows, the mighty WandaVision. And guess how we learned about it. Right, via TVWriter™’s very own Writing & Showbiz News page, updated every 2 hours 24/7 at

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Stacey Jones: NOTHING BUT SPOILERS (Because That’s How You Learn) #2

EDITOR’S ALERT: This is the second in Stacey Jones’ ongoing discussion of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and its place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Ergo, like it says in the title of this post, a world of SPOILERS awaits below the thin red line. Oh and also an assumption that you’re familiar with the MCU!


by Stacey Jones

Episode Two opens on John Walker unzipping a bag, to reveal the uniform of Captain America, and accepting the mantle of responsibility (in a mirror of Sam zipping up the Shield at the start of episode 1). read article

Last Week’s Most Important Cord Cutting Developments – 3/30/2021

Cord Cutters News gives us the latest on the cord cutting front. This time around: TVision Shutting Down, Netflix Bets on Anime, and More!

Cord Cutters Video Channel:
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Larry Brody’s TV Writing Tips & Tricks #19 – One-Hour Teleplay Construction

by Larry Brody

Looking for more detailed info on TV Writing? Then this is for you!

Over the years certain types of story construction have proven to work more effectively than others on TV. By “effective” I mean that series that plot their stories this way have gotten consistently higher ratings than others, and during the usual course of an episode fewer viewers have gone surfing away.

For one-hour shows, start with a Teaser that illustrates the premise of the episode. Make sure it shows us this week’s central problem. And make sure it really does “tease” us by ending on a note of tension – with danger (physical or psychological) either impending or rearing its fascinating head. read article

WGAW April 2021 Calendar

Here’s what going on, socially and professionally,  at the Writers Guild of America West this month:

April 2021


Members must RSVP in advance to receive access info to participate in online events. read article