‘How to Build a Career in H’wood’

Woah! The L.A.Times wants to teach us all how to get started in showbiz. That, friends, is what you call playing to their strength.

Yep, there’s a class for this. Find out more HERE

Three More Cartoons About Writers and Writing

Ah, Peanuts. Never at a loss for, well, anything, right?

Why are we presenting these three cartoons? Because they’re each saying something that think is worth listening to.

Oh, and they’re even kind of funny. (Or maybe just ironic? You’ll be the judges!)

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24 Movie and TV Reboots That Actually Deserve to Exist

The folks over at Lifehacker.Com hate reboots as much as everybody else does, but, also like everybody else, they acknowledge that some reboots, you know, work. Like these:

by Ross Johnson
via Lifehacker.Com

We say we hate reboots. We’ll happily go on and on about how we’d much rather have something newer, fresher, more original. And yet—remakes and re-dos remain reliably big business. read article

Ode to the New Reality

Shout out to Donavan Freberg, whose Facebook musings continually inspire all of us here at TVWriter™. Case in point:

found on the web – image by graphic-jay

Gotta love the New Reality.

It makes writing the words read article

LB: Does Anyone Remember Laughter?

by Larry Brody

Heard in the TVWriter™ Online Writers Room (AKA the dedicated Zoom URL I use for my Master Classes):

I’m trying to watch as many of the new streaming sitcoms as I can, but there’s a problem. No matter how intelligent and clever they may be, instead of making me laugh, many of the shows upset me. read article