Kate Hackett Hates USB Cables

TVWriter™ is happy to welcome back ultra-talented indie writing, directing, and acting mayven Kate Hackett, who unleashes her thoroughly justified ire in a lovely rant called I Hate USBs.

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Cartoon: ‘Fulfillment’

Grant Snider lets us know exactly where he stands on a subject – emotion? state of being? – called fulfillment.

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Herbie J Pilato Celebrates the ‘SMITH’ Shows of 1970’s TV

Herbie J Pilato tells us about the various shows featuring various Smith families in the 1970’s. If you thought that ’70’s TV was just about relevance, well, time to think again. Entertainment rulez!

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Last Week’s Most Important Cord Cutting Developments – 6/04/2021

Cord Cutters News gives us the latest on the cord cutting front. This time around: Warner Bros. Discovery, Walmart’s Budget Streaming Gear, & More.

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Larry Brody: Live! From Paradise! #152 “How Cloud Creek Ranch Got Its Name”

Emmy the Bold Meets Cloud Creek

THE USUAL NOTE FROM LB: From the summer of 2002 to  the spring of 2010, Gwen the Beautiful and I were the proud and often exhausted owners of a beautiful Ozarks property we called Cloud Creek Ranch.

In many ways, the ranch was paradise. But it was a paradise with a price that started going up before we even knew it existed. Here’s another Monday musing about our adventure and the lessons we learned.

Oh, and if y’all detect any irony, please believe me when I say it comes straight from the universe and not your kindly Uncle Larry B. read article