Cartoon: ‘Procrastination’

LB’S NOTE: TVWriter™’s all-time favorite artist/philosopher, Grant Snider, presents one of the best arguments against one of the banes of the life of just about every writer we know. We certainly can’t argue with its logic.

See more of Grant Snider’s extraordinary perception read more

Thoughts About Women, Purses, and Their Place on TV, Film & – OMG! – Real Life

by Elizabeth English

Do you ever wonder how it is possible that women in movies & TV almost never carry purses? Somehow, they go out for the day without a purse, drive a car, talk on their cell phones, use their credit card, and All without a purse to hold them, or pockets.

Even in cop shows, guns, handcuffs, car keys, read more

Writing for the Screen: How to Write a Movie Screenplay/Teleplay

The good people at Maryville University sent us this article with a request that we pass it on to our visitors.

Maryville is an online university, which immediately piques our interest but also pings our “Should I Be Suspicious Button.” Reading the following, however, alleviated our concerns. read more

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What has our Writers Guild done for us lately?

Glad you asked because the Guild has a wonderful answer in Writers Connect, a short newsletter members get every week. (See? Another good reason to bust your butt to qualify and join.)

Introducing the Middle Eastern Writers Committee

Co-chairs of the newly formed committee, Paiman Kalayeh and read more

ViacomCBS Reveals Writers For 2020-2021 Mentoring Program

TVWriter™ congratulates all the selectees! (Yeah, we probably should just say “winners,” because although this isn’t being called a contest, that’s in effect what it is, and Sara Casey, Yakira Chambers, Bradley Estrin-Barks, Natasha M. Hall, Manuel Herrera, Nina Kim, read more