Our August Advanced Online Workshop has 2 Openings

by Larry Brody

lbwriterbiggerTook a longer than usual break after the most recent Advanced Online TV & Film Writing Workshop to recharge my batteries and get a haircut, but now the next, 152nd edition, is coming upon us next week. (That’s more workshops than Kentucky Derbies! Yikes!)

And…and…we’ve still got two spaces  – oh boy, wait – one space left.

Unbelievable! I hate when there’s a hole. I get mopey and sad and impossible to be around. Now just for a minute, imagine what that kind of behavior does to my family. Fortunately, you out there can help. All it takes is one of you to step forward, plunk down a hundred and forty smackers, and seize your writing destiny by making your way HERE, learning more about all the good stuff you’ll learn and the opportunities your knowledge and talent and craft will provide you, and, you know, signing up.

The upcoming Advanced Workshop starts Thursday, August 26th, at 6 pm Pacific/9 pm Eastern time, etc. This is a 4 week class, in which you write 10 pages a week to be analyzed in each Audio-Video Chat Room Meeting. (No camera? Don’t worry. You can just, you know, type.) Your classmates, able writers all, and I give you notes on how to improve what you’ve written, and you to take it from there. Kind of like a mini TV Writers Room, because I spent decades in those and, for better and for worse, know the ins and outs very, very well.

What? You’re still on this page? Haven’t clicked over to sign up? You don’t really want to be responsible for the furtive glares, alienation, and tears that will be flowing in and around the Brody House and Adjacent Forest, if this class doesn’t fill up, do you?

That’s it. The future of The Brodys – and also a little thing called Your Writing Career – is in your hands. I know you’ll do the responsible thing and CLICK HERE.