munchman: Note to Martin Scorsese Fans

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by munchman

Word on the interwebs is that The Departed, Martin Scorsese’s 2006 Oscar winning film, is headed for TV via Amazon and Warner Brothers.

The bad news, if you’re a Scorsese fan, is that he isn’t involved in the series.

The good news, if you aren’t a Scorsese fan, is that the creator-showrunner is Jason Richman, who also pulled the same duty (duties?) on a series called Detroit 1-8-7, one of the best shows of 2010, even if it didn’t make it very far into 2011.

OTOH, Variety today carried this little insider tidbit about the upcoming show:

The new spin on “Departed” revolves around a young cop who infiltrates a Latino gang in Chicago and battles the gang’s own plant in the police department. Like “Departed,” the series adaptation is also inspired by the 2002 Hong Kong crime thriller “Infernal Affairs.”

So, you know, The Departed,TV-style,  may not really be The Departed at all.

And for you new writers who keep emailing TVWriter™ and asking why you aren’t getting one of the deals Amazon has publicized about being available just for creatives like you, now you know the harsh truth of showbiz: Just about any studio that can afford A list talent is going to buy as much of that as possible, regardless of their public desires.

Whatever the outcome of this development process, yer friendly neighborhood munchamatic sure hope this series is better than Scorsese’s last TV outing!