Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 4/4/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Martin Scorses (yeah, that guy) is developing his film, GANGS OF NEW YORK into a series. (No network has been announced yet, but Marty’s working with Miramax, and our recollection is that they usually get things done.)
  • Robert Connolly (UNDERGROUND: THE JULIAN ASSANGE STORY) is adapting David Kunst’s nonfiction book, The Man Who Walked Around the World, for HBO. (Yeppers, Connolly’s a feature writer. Cuz the guys at HBO are still starfuckers, and dat’s how it goze.)
  • Stephen Gaghan (TRAFFIC) is turning David Maraniss’ book, They Marched Into Sunlight, into a 6 part limited series for FX. (Yeppers, another feature writer, this one with an Oscar. Writing about the Vietnam War. Which only men over 50 seem to care about/remember these days. Wowser.)
  • Nicholas Osborne (some producer credits; who cares?) is writing/producing CONQUISTADORS, a limited series based on Kim MacQuarrie’s book Last Days of the Incas, also for FX. (Hmm, FX doesn’t need you to be a star to write for them, just an unknown from another medium. How can we turn that to our advantage…?)
  • Speaking of fresh starts, Paramount has decided to get back ilnto the TV biz, according to studio boss Brad Grey. (So get your Paramount-pally agents on that one ASAP.)
  • And speaking of FX, they’re expanding into several more channels, including FXX, which will aim at “younger viewers” and maybe even have some original programming (instead of just IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA reruns, which till now seem to have been the kind of thing FX intends for its “younger viewers.”)