Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 11/14/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Steve Carell (Um, remember when “ubiquitous” was the interweb word? ) is writing TRIBECCA, a satirical police show, for TBS. (This would be good news except that he’s partnering with his wife, Nancy Carell, and brilliant though she may be, LB has taught us to always be concerned when husbands and wives work together. Cuz divorce, you know, ruins everything.)
  • Robert Borden (THE GEORGE LOPEZ SHOW) is writing the pilot for a soon-to-be-named comedy about, um, old guys. (Specifically, it’s about former basketball teammates in their 60s, so expect a lot of kvetching about their bodies instead of stories about how they deal with new and interesting situations. Which is our way of admitting: We miss THE GOLDEN GIRLS!)
  • Peter Ocko (FAIRLY LEGAL) is developing BALL AND CHAIN, a novel about ex intelligence ops with screwed up personal lives, for Fox. (Um, has anybody ever ever thought spies, ex or current, would have terrific personal lives? Yeah, we thought so.)
  • Andrew Gurland & Justin Hurwitz (THE GABRIELS) are writing a Fox comedy pilot about Justin’s life. (We know, we know, you’ve never heard of him. But just you wait. He’s led a damned interesting life. Really, we swear. Or he swears. Or Fox swears. Somebody does anyway)
  • Andrew Leeds & David Lampson (failed pilot BRENDA FOREVER) are writing POOR PAM, an ABC pilot about “that friend everyone feels bad for. (Hmm, it’s new, it’s different, we could love it – but – OMG, it’s being produced by Kelly Ripa and her husband, Whatisname. There goes that one down the, erm, drain.)
  • Bruce McCulloch (THE KIDS IN THE HALL) is writing a Fox comedy pilot without a name about a mother “at the top of her professional career” who “clashes with her stay-at-home pregnant daughter.” (Which one of those two lovable characters are you gonna root for? Let’s face it, we grew up with a stay-at-home mother and our childhoods were awesome.)