And Now a Few Words About TVWriter™ University


If you were on our email list, you would’ve gotten this exciting news last week. As things stand, we have some updating to do on it:

  1. As of today, the November Advanced Online Workshop has only 3 spaces left. Its starting date is less than a week and a half away, so hurry!
  2. The Master Class is still wide open. LB is ready if you are.

We return you to our originally intended post, direct from the lips of our Beloved Leader, LB:


The last Advanced Workshop of the year 2014 will start in 2 weeks, on November 6th, and end the last week of the month. After which it will be hiatus time until January.

The Advanced Workshop is for writers who understand the fundamentals of storytelling (plotting, characterization, that kind of thing) and screenplay format. I know you’re out there because this class always fills up. So I’m looking forward to one last full group of 5 students to end the year.

The next Master Class will start November 5th – if there’s demand for it. This is always an on-demand class, so it’s up to you. After that session of 4 ends there won’t be another till the end of January at the earliest.

The Master Class is for professional, or pro level, screen and TV writers. 3 students per session is the absolute top limit, so if you think you qualify, get in touch with me and we’ll talk further.

January of 2015 will also mark the return of the Basic Workshop – on Tuesday, January 20th, to be exact. This one’s for newbies who’ve been thinking, “Gee, I really ought to write a screenplay or TV show, but, dammit, I don’t know how.”

Guess what? After you take this class – which is limited to 5 students and won’t be held for at least another 6 months after January’s 6 week session – you will know how. Guaranteed.

My suggestion? Give yourselves a TVWriter™ Workshop as a Christmas present. Join the other students, who’ve gone on to become part of the Warner Brothers Writers Workshop, best-selling novelists, TV station managers, indie film writers, directors and producers, and staffers on such shows as ONCE UPON A TIME, ONCE UPON A TIME IN NEVERLAND, GREY’S ANATOMY, SMALLVILLE, BIRDS OF PREY, THE WALKING DEAD, THE LEFTOVERS, even HOLLYWOOD DIVAS, DANCING WITH THE STARS, and who knows what else?

You can find a complete overview of TVWriter™ University with links to all its classes, including their prices, HERE

And if you want to talk to me personally about it, that’s totally cool. Just drop me an email HERE and ask.