Nikki and the Gang Love on a Guy Whose Work Truly Deserves It

Deadline.Com gets it very, very right. (And wait’ll you get to the really cool part about Louis C.K. writing all the episodes.)


‘Louie’s Louis C.K.

It would be an understatement to credit Louis C.K. as another stand-up who has redefined situation comedy like Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David. C.K. isn’t just making funny TV every week in Louie as a single New York City father. He’s revolutionizing it with an anthology of exceptional short films. After pushing the boundaries of multi-camera comedy onHBO with Lucky Louie, C.K.’s latest show on FX serves as an evolution to the festival and Showtime short films he created throughout the ’90s: The black-and-white jazz mockumentary The Legend of Willie Brown, the Elia Kazan-esque Ice Cream and the Depression-era talkie sendup Hello There to name a few. These bellwethers laid out the themes that C.K. harps on in Louie: Man’s challenge to conform to socially acceptable roles (i.e. not asking 19-year-olds out on dates as C.K. did in the episode ‘Duckling’) and the absurdity of urban life gone awry (accidentally tossing a lunatic vagrant into oncoming traffic in ‘Bummer/Blueberries’). The TV Academy is already more than OK with C.K. having lauded Louie last year with Emmy noms for comedy writing and lead actor.

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  1. Refreshing. Their reporting is mostly repeated info that I’ve heard him talk about before, but I’m glad he’s getting the press.

  2. What? Nikki Finke regurgitating stock P.R.? Say it ain’t so…say it ain’t…

    Oh, who’m I kidding? She’s always done that. So it goes.

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