Larry Brody: Yes, the 2021 Oscar Ceremony was Last Night…

(LB’S NOTE: Yep, the numbers are in. Here’s the headline on Indiewire.Com. “Oscars Ratings: 2021 Telecast Loses More Than Half Last Year’s Audience.” Someone on the Oscar show said that movies were what kept Americans going last year. But the facts seem to differ. We weren’t going to the movies. Hell, we couldn’t. We all were watching TV.)

…And you can read about the winners just about anywhere on the web. There’s a mighty fine full list here:

Anf, of course, the official breakdown is here:

But the article yrs. truly LB enjoyed the most – if “enjoyed” is the right word – is what Ken Levine had to say here:

And the worst Oscarcast goes to… 2021

What does it say when I agreed with the sentiments and still truly hated the Oscarcast?  What a boring, pretentious, heavy-handed slog.  The only time you saw stars was in the In Memoriam segment.  And those names whizzed by so there was more time for music trivia.  Only highlight for me was Tyler Perry.   The speeches were interminable.

And screw the Academy.  They shifted Best Picture to end with Best Actor, obviously in anticipation of Chadwick Boseman winning and ending on a big tearjerker.   Instead, Anthony Hopkins (deservedly) won, and no dummy he, he figured why schlep all the way out there to lose?  So for the big finale, the winner wasn’t present.  A fitting Wile E. Coyote ending to a tedious lecture-filled, self-congratulatory salute to movies that no one has seen or wants to see and stars that no one knows.

Expect the ratings to absolutely crater.  And if you breakdown hour by hour.  I bet the numbers nosedived after the first hour.

They were held in a train station.  Next year, if there is one, I suggest a bus station.

Meanwhile, the Dodgers-Padres game on ESPN was great!

God, I love showbiz, that magical, fairy tale land where arrogance reigns supreme!

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