Charlie Sheen Returneth

…And with a series that at least one of the trades likes. (Blessing? Or kiss of death? You decide.)

Anger Management: TV Review

Who would have thought that Charlie Sheen’s new series, Anger Management, would be the only show on FX without a TV-MA rating?

No doubt people thought Sheen’s return to a television series after his well-publicized brouhaha with CBS and departure fromTwo and a Half Men would result in some kind of nude-hooker hootenanny with f-bombs aplenty and graphic content meant to offend.

But no. Anger Management is really just a slightly more content-dangerous network sitcom. Having watched the two episodes that FX sent along, it’s easy to wonder why the series truly isn’t on a broadcast network rather than FX, the ad-supported pay cable channel where even the animated series are TV-MA.

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