TVWriter™ Contributing Editor: Kathryn Graham

Kate Graham

Kathryn Graham is an aspiring television writer who recently made the leap to Los Angeles. Watch as she navigates the winding paths of television. Laugh along as you assure yourself you’d never make that mistake. Cheer or boo as she finally makes it after all. ‘Cause she is gonna make it after all.

Her passions include but are not limited to: diversity in television on and behind the screen, the rapidly diminishing natural world (enjoy it while you can!), the pursuit of personal enlightenment, role-playing games, video games, sci-fi and fantasy shows, cats, and gay stuff. All the gay stuff.

Kathryn is currently gainfully employed as an International Operations Coordinator for E! Entertainment. She coordinates the international spy network employed by the Kardashians in their quest for world domination. Or she makes sure that people in China can watch E! content with Chinese subtitles. Whichever.