Larry Brody: “What’s the point of entering PEOPLE’S PILOT 2018?”

by Larry Brody

As far back as twenty years ago, when I first started the PEOPLE’S PILOT, people have been asking me not only about the specifics of this contest but about the overall premise from which it originates:

“LB! Dood! Level with me. What’s the point of writing contests? What can they really do for me and my career? Does winning the PEOPLE’S PILOT mean I’m going to sell my series and become rich, famous, and irresistible to the opposite sex? Will it make my mother love me and my father flash at least a half-smile?”

My answer to this question always has boiled down to, “No. Winning this contest – or any writing contest – isn’t going to solve any of your personal problems and in all likelihood won’t make you an A list showbiz legend. You will not emerge with the cachay to swagger or stagger around Beverly Hills with impunity, stoned to the gills. read article

Larry Brody: Entering PEOPLE’S PILOT 2018? Here’s What You Need to Know

by Larry Brody

Friday, June 1st, was the opening day for entries in this year’s PEOPLE’S PILOT AKA PEOPLE’S PILOT 2018, which some of you may already know about as a result of our typically modest, almost reticent announcement in your email box and, of course, HERE.

This is the 27th running of the contest in 20 years. When we started it back in 2018, it was for broadcast and TV series that would only be on everyone’s television set (because there wasn’t anywhere else to watch TV) and all an entrant had to submit was series proposal of about 3 to 5 pages.

We also ran the contest a couple of times a year for the first few years, which is why this is the 27th time around the track and not the 20th. Fewer pages to read, fewer entries…those were simpler times so the frequency made sense. read article

PEOPLE’S PILOT 2018 is Now Open!

And, man, we really want you to enter.

We love making this announcement.

Early Bird Entries Close August 1

Final Closing Date November 1! read article