About Larry Brody

Yes, it’s true. That’s Elvis singing at LB’s wedding. Well, sort of Elvis…

Larry Brody has been profiled in such national magazines as Esquire, Entertainment Weekly, Starlog, People, Electronic Media, IndieSlate, on websites such as TechTV, and of course in TV Guide.

A legendary figure in the television writing and production world, with a career going back to the late ’60s, Brody has produced hundreds of hours of network and syndicated television. He has created, produced, or written for The HuntressDiagnosis MurderStar Trek: VoyagerWalker Texas RangerHeaven Help UsStar Trek: The Next GenerationBarettaThe Fall GuyAutomanPartners In CrimeMike HammerThe New Rin Tin TinPolice StoryThe Bold OnesHawaii Five-0Here Come The BridesPartners In CrimeThe RookiesThe InternsThe Streets Of San FranciscoCannonIronsideMedical StoryMedical CenterThe Six Million Dollar ManBarnaby Jones and Super Force, among others.

Brody has also been active in the TV animation world. In addition to writing the cult favorite Star Trek animated TV series and the Superman and Spiderman animated series, he was part of the team that developed and wrote the live-action/cgi animation sci-fi series Ace Lightning for the BBC and was showrunner of France’s cult favorite animated series Diabolik. Brody also was showrunner-creator of the highly acclaimed Silver Surfer animated series, showrunner of Spider-Man Unlimited, and creative consultant to HBO’s cult classic animated series, Spawn.

Both Spawn and Police Story have won Emmy Awards, and Farrell For The People, one of the many MOWs Brody has written, won a Women in TV & Film Award for Best Drama. An episode written by Brody for Medical Story won the Population Institute Award and was also nominated for the Humanitas Prize.

In addition to all this, Brody has been a pioneer in web series and video game development, and his how-to book, Television Writing From The Inside Out, is a best-seller used as a text in screen and television writing classes at many colleges and universities, including UCLA.

The wedding couple. Still laughing after all these years.
The wedding couple. Still laughing after all these years.