Overwhelming Proof That Writers Aren’t As Smart As We Think We Are

The guy on the left, marked “husband,” is Rob Cohen. The babe on the right, marked “wife” is Janeane Garofalo.

Rob is writer/co-executive producer of THE BIG BANG THEORY and has also been a writer-producer on AMERICAN DAD, THE JAMIE KENNEDY EXPERIMENT, ACCORDING TO JIM, and on and on and on.

Janeane is an actress, stand-up comedian, talk show regular (Bill Maher likes her a lot), and writer who has supplied funny words for THE BEN STILLER SHOW, HBO COMEDY HALF-HOUR, HEAD CASE, and who knows what else.

Their writerly credentials now having been established, we get to the not so smart part, as in, Rob and Janeane were married for 20 f**king years and didn’t even know it. They only found out because, lo and behold, what happened in Vegas (where they were married as a drunken joke) didn’t stay in Vegas, and when Rob wanted to get married again – like now – he discovered that first he had to get divorced.

Judd Apatow-style feature film to come shortly, we’re sure. Meanwhile, here are the details. (Or, at least, as much of the details as any TV report can supply.)