You Never Know Where Opportunity Will Knock

clCaptureYes, we know that LB and the rest of us here at TVWriter™ are always telling new writers to move to L.A. if they want to be in the TV and/or film biz. And we aren’t about to change our advice.

But every once in awhile something does turn up elsewhere. Or seems to, anyway. Today’s case in point is this recent writing gig advertised on good ole reliable Craigslist in Chicago:


I am looking for a writer with a background in journalism with some experience or at least a strong interest in the true crime format to write a treatment for a new true crime pilot along the lines of Snapped & Forensic Files.

There will be credit and pay. compensation: $25/page

If you’re a Chicagoan and this seems interesting, the email reply code is:

Tell ’em TVWriter™ sent you. And, please, girls and boys, remember that we aren’t recommending this gig – oh no, not at all – just letting you know it’s there.

And, yeah, hoping that if you do apply you let us know how it goes.