Yahoo TV Talks to TVWriter™’s Herbie J Pilato

…Cuz let’s face it. Herbie J is the go-to guy when it comes to the beloved old series BEWITCHED. Check it out:

samanthastevensBEWITCHED at 50: How Samantha Got Her Nose Twitch
by Joal Ryan

Bewitched turns 50 years old today, so it’s about time you got something straight about the witch-marries-mortal sitcom: You’ve been doing Samantha’s spell-casting nose twitch all wrong.

“Everybody thinks it was the nose, and that’s why people can’t do it,” says author Herbie J. Pilato, who’s written two books about Bewitched star Elizabeth Montgomery and the definitive guide to her series, The Bewitched Book.

Explains Pilato: “You have to wriggle your upper lip, and then your nose.”

The very first nose twitch — or, rather, mouth twitch — occurs about five minutes into the very first Bewitched, which premiered on ABC on Sept. 17, 1964.

Newlywed Samantha Stevens, played by Montgomery, breaks out the move in an attempt to magically evict overbearing mother Endora (Agnes Moorehead) from Sam and husband Darrin’s honeymoon suite. Plot-wise, the twitch doesn’t work, but it sticks as a signature move — it’s immortalized from the get-go in the series’ animated opening-credits.

According to Pilato, the script for the Bewitched pilot called for Samantha to work her magic with a vague move — maybe a wave of the hand, or the arm.  But director William Asher, who was Montgomery’s husband, wanted something special.

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