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David Letterman’s Cue-Card Guy Fired After Argument, Assault
by David Bloom

Tony Mendez, long an on-air fixture handling the cue cards for David Lettermanon The Late Showtook the wrong cue this week, assaulting staff writer Bill Scheft, a 15-time Emmy nominee, and getting himself fired, the New York Post reported.

Mendez, 69, who had been with Letterman for 21 years, got into a verbal altercation with Scheft and Letterman over changes in cue cards, went home overnight and stewed about perceived slights from Scheft over a long period. When Mendez came back the next day, he grabbed Scheft by his shirt and pushed him against a wall, the Post reported.

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What do you think, TVWriter™ers? Was Mendez fired for assaulting Bill Scheft? Or could maybe – just maybe – yelling at David Letterman His Big Boss Self have had something to do with it?

Either way, it’s a tough world out there on the set, gang. Be vigilant!