Writers Have Feelings Too, Y’know

Case in point:


Famous Screenwriter Chiung Yao Might Have Quit Writing
by Team TVWriter™ Press Service

Prestigious Taiwanese novelist and screenwriter Chiung Yao is contemplating stopping writing altogether, due to her anger and disappointment at the recent alleged plagiarism of her work, a friend close to Chiung said on April 19.

Chiung has written an open letter to China’s State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, the top regulator of China’s TV and film industry, in which she accused screenwriter and director Yu Zheng of plagiarizing her work, specifically in the TV drama The Palace: the Lost Daughter, where Chiung alledges that the leading characters and main story line were copied from her 1993 book and TV seriesPlum Blossom Scar.

Although Chiung demanded that provincial TV station Hunan Television pull The Palace: The Lost Daughter off-air, the TV drama is still being broadcast and sources from Hunan TV said that deliberation is ongoing as to whether or not to suspend the broadcast.

Chiung Yao’s husband, Ping Xintao, has confirmed that Chiung has already quit writing. “It is a heavy blow for her. She was in the process of writing a play, but she has since ceased working on it,” Ping said. “We also hope she can take a rest for a while.”

Chiung said she is now mentally and physically exhausted and hopes people with a sense of justice will refuse to watch Yu Zheng’s TV drama.

So far, over 30 million netizens have publicly supported Chiung’s letter, where she listed the similarities between The Palace: the Lost Daughter and Plum Blossom Scar as evidence.

Ping said they appreciated fans’ support very much and disclosed that Chiung became very heart-broken and even physically sick when she saw the plagiarized work being aired.

Yu has attributed these similarities to coincidence and said that art is supposed to be carried on and developed, and it’s natural that people would emulate Qiong Yao who is the originator of Chinese romance dramas.

Qiong Yao, born in 1938, is a novelist, screenwriter, producer and lyricist based in Taiwan. Many of her works have been made and remade into movies and TV series. Qiong’s representative works includes:Romance in the Rain, The Young OnesDreams LinkThe Unforgettable CharacterThe Princess Pearl, and many more.

(Source: Chinanews.com/Translated by womenofchina.cn)