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Written & Directed By
WGAW mentors help writers navigate the thrilling, sometimes turbulent waters of directing their own scripts.

Four years ago, several WGAW Board members came up with the idea for a program that would help screenwriters who wanted to direct their own scripts for the first time by providing them with mentors who had already made the transition successfully. Read more

WGAW Down In Austin
It’s all about writing during four days of panels, films and camaraderie. At this film festival, the writer rules.

If you were to poll the entertainment industry on the festival that best spotlights the “Writer,” the Austin Film Festival would come up a winner every time. With a four-day Writers Conference – October 18-21 this year – that runs concurrent with the first days of the Festival, this unique annual event draws experienced and emerging screenwriters in a spirit of camaraderie and learning. Read more

Writing for the Web
Digital media panel spotlights explosion in online content, blurring of line between old and new media: “The web has become television.”

A few years ago there were a handful of series on the web and webisodes tended to be two minutes long, giving users only a brief taste of digital content. Today, the online universe is proliferating with series in all genres, webisodes run 10 minutes and online content is replete with story arcs, drama, even TV and movie stars. Read more

Worth the Wait
Thirty years after writing Rudy, George Arthur Bloom’s original script premieres as Any Day Now – thanks to Travis Fine.

After writing his screenplay about a gay man and the abused autistic child he cared for, and trying to get it produced for a number of years, George Arthur Bloom tucked the script for Rudy away in a file cabinet… Read more

Writers Guild Foundation
November fund drive sustains mission to preserve great writing and promote storytelling through community programs.

This month, the Writers Guild Foundation – the non-profit associated with the Writers Guild of America West – will hold its annual fund drive. Founded in 1966, the Foundation’s mission is two-fold: to promote and preserve the work of entertainment industry writers and to promote great writing and storytelling in underserved communities… Read more

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