Will Smith Wants Your Script to be Produced

The Smith family demonstrates its values by plugging Justin Bieber. Yeah, baby!

…And, in the tradition of movie and TV stars everywhere, he has joined forces with somebody else who’s willing to pay for it.

The story here is that the Not-So-Fresh Prince has teamed up with James Lassiter – whoever he is – and the “ANA Alliance for Family Entertainment” on a search for the top undiscovered TV writers in the U.S. Which we think is pretty damn ballsy considering all the rumors about Will that have appeared over the years.

ScriptwriterContest.Com has more info, but why read when you can sit back and watch and listen to the details right here?

One thought on “Will Smith Wants Your Script to be Produced”

  1. I would ask “What rumors?” but I don’t want to know because I go out of my way to avoid hearing rumors. I hope Will and this Lassiter guy have hired an army of slush readers, they’re going to get some bad stuff.

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