Who Says Vinyl is Dead?

Is DOCTOR WHO breaking new ground? Making good use of old ground? Proving how totally hip it is? Proving its utter irrelevancy?


Doctor Who: Series 1&2 to be released as a Limited Edition 12 Inch Vinyl Set

Silva Screen have announced that the Doctor Who: Series 1 and 2 Soundtrack will be released on Vinyl on 19th August 2013. The soundtrack will be on 4 sides, set to double LP, inside a Gatefold sleeve and be limited to only 500 copies.

Tracklist (for 12? vinyl):

1. Doctor Who Theme – TV Version
2. Westminster Bridge
3. The Doctor’s Theme
4. Cassandra’s Waltz
5. Slitheen
6. Father’s Day
7. Rose In Peril
8. Boom Town Suite
9. I’m Coming To Get You
10. Hologram
11. Rose Defeats The Daleks
12. Clockwork TARDIS

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