When Surfing Your TV Gets to be Too Much of a Drag…

…It’s time to install something like this:

TV Guide has a tv guide. Who’d a thunk?

TV Guide: A Cure for Television Indecision – by Leslie Horn

If you wanted to know what was on TV, you could always check the guide with your remote. But most of us aren’t just watching the tube live—we’re streaming from several different sources. The new TV Guide app brings all those brain mush factories into one place, so you can see what’s on cable, as well as what’s up on Hulu, HBO Go, Crackle, and more .

What does it do?

Let’s you know what’s on TV, whether it’s live or streaming. Tells you what shows are new in prime time, lets you make a list of your favorite shows, and tips you on what’s trending among other TV Guide users.

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The good news is that this is free and will make watching TV easier. The not-so-good news is that if you want to write TV you really do have to watch it. A lot. But you already knew that.

Oh, and you probably also already know that if you want to write TV you also have to live in L.A. Hey, TV Guide, got an app for that, baby?