What’s Coming Next Season on HOMELAND?

The writing/acting honchos of – gulp – HOMELAND

Co-Creators Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon Talk HOMELAND, Evolving the Story by Christina Radish

The first season of the Showtime drama series Homeland was both critically acclaimed and a hit among viewers, leaving everyone intrigued to see what direction Season 2 would take. Having seen the compelling first episode back, premiering on September 30th, I can say that it’s well worth the wait. The series stars Claire DanesDamian LewisMorena BaccarinMandy Patinkinand David Harewood.

While at the Showtime portion of the TCA Press Tour, executive producers Alex Gansa andHoward Gordon talked about the evolution of the story for Season 2, how important it was for Carrie (Danes) to be elated to be back in the intelligence game, the experience of shooting in Israel, how reality does affect the storytelling, and how the show is ultimately the character study of a man (Lewis) very damaged by his experience as a prisoner of war and how that plays into his reintegration back into his life in America. Gordon also gave yet another update about the possibility of the 24 movie ever happening.

Question: How long did you guys work on coming up with the idea for getting Carrie (Claire Danes) back working with intelligence? Were there any ideas that you thought of, that didn’t actually work?

ALEX GANSA: I’d say we thought of a lot of things, before we settled on what we ultimately came up with. One of the bad ideas was Carrie and Virgil working as private investigators.

HOWARD GORDON: There were not that many. We knew we had to wind Carrie up and get her back in the saddle, but it’s not that simple. She assures them that she understands that this is, by no means, a permanent situation. There’s more to come, on that story.

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Writers! Talking!

We have absolutely no comments to make about this series. This isn’t because of the show but due to feelings generated by the title: HOMELAND as a word applied to our country strikes us as the worst sort of propaganda. It’s so horrifically totalitarian that it leaves us so freaked and shaky we can barely type.

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