What TV Shows Need to End Already?

Even the best TV shows eventually succumb to the inevitable Quality Slide and reach the moment when cancellation would be a blessing. Here’s some brainstorming about shows that have reached that point right now:

currentbadshowsby TV.Com Staff

There comes a day in every little TV show’s life that it has to face the fact that nothing lives forever (not even Fame could outrun the cruel hand of fate!). Sometimes shows recognize the curtain is coming down and choose to go out on their own terms, while others miss the flashing neon signs above the exit ramps and keep on chugging along despite the fact they ran out of gas hours ago and the engine fell out a few miles back. The following shows fall into the latter category and we’re just trying to push them toward pulling over and accepting it’s time to let the fat lady do her thing. So without future ado…

What TV shows need to end right now, or at the very least, set an end date?

Nick Campbell: Pretty Little Liars is the most right answer. PLL: The Post-College Years might give the series a jolt, but eventually the show is going to have to let these ladies go and have careers where they aren’t tortured by malevolent suburban sociopaths in a small town lousy with ephebophilia. I also wouldn’t mind seeing the end date for Modern Family to release those poor souls from performing the same six miscommunications over and over again. 

Noel Kirkpatrick: Yeah, I needed ABC Family to let Pretty Little Liars go a little while ago. And while Season 6A was probably the show at its best in a long while, it should’ve gotten to that point quite a bit sooner. Even the show’s flimsy-ish excuse for why CeCe/Charlotte kept playing the game indicated that the show would’ve liked to have ended already as well. Instead, we have at least a season and a half left, and I’m sort of like, “Whhhhhyyyy?” (Because ABC Family loves them some Liars money, that’s why.)

Kaitlin Thomas: I’ll go ahead and add a tally next to Pretty Little Liars, because that show needed to die a long time ago. But since Nick and Noel both covered that ground pretty thoroughly already, might I suggest American Horror Story wrap it up soon? The shine has worn off Ryan Murphy’s anthology series and not even reusing the same talented actors every season can hide the fact that the stories are lacking in several areas and that Murphy has once again squeezed every single ounce of unique and engaging fun from its over-promoted existence. It happens to every single one of his shows, and I know we all hoped AHS would be different since it didn’t require the same format or setting or even characters every season, but unfortunately it appears nothing can escape the Murphy Meltdown. Not even Matt Bomer.

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