What to expect in an entertainment internship interview

Good advice about getting a good start in the showbiz. Entry level gigs matter:

internby Amanda

A.R. writes: As someone hoping to get their first internship doing script coverage, I’m not really sure what questions to expect for the interview. What, in your experience, do employees looking for script interns usually ask? What would be any advice you have for the interview?

Don’t stress out too much about the interview. When it comes to internship interviews, employers are just trying to make sure you’re an intelligent, responsible person with a good attitude. Show up on time, have a printed copy of your resume on hand and be prepared to talk about your favorite movies. Ideally, you’ll like movies that are similar to the ones the company makes (do some internet research to find out what they’ve released and what they’re developing — they’ll be impressed if you can mention a title or two). You don’t have to fawn all over the company’s films, though. At one of my internship interviews, the creative executive was happy to hear I liked Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (which wasn’t their film); “The last guy said his favorite movie was Weekend at Bernie’s, and I didn’t know what to do with that,” she said.

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