What Happens When a Student Film Maker Turns Pro?

About a month ago, TVWriter™ Advanced Online Workshop member Dawn McElligott wrote about what she went through to get her short documentary on the air in the community it was about.

Today, in our never ending effort to inspire/goad/push – whatever it takes – y’all to get your work out there before the public, TVWriter™ is happy to present Dawn’s film in its entirety, right here, right now. You heard us, direct from MiND TV, this one’s for you:

One thought on “What Happens When a Student Film Maker Turns Pro?”

  1. Thanks, LB! In the spirit of shameless self-promotion, I might add that MiND TV not only airs it to millions in greater Philly, but had also placed it on Youtube. It’s only through Youtube that I can extrapolate my “ratings” by comparing the number of views to it gets to other MiND TV videos. It has already outpaced 2 other videos posted the same day,(July 14th) but has recently surpassed the number of views for one posted in May!

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