What Ever Happened to Lauren Ferebee?


Some of you may remember Lauren Ferebee from the my-T-fine articles she wrote for TVWriter™ awhile back.

You may even be wondering what happened to her?

Well, here, in Lauren’s own words, is what’s going on:

Over the last two years, I’ve been working with director Deborah Wolfson on Somewhere Safer, a play I began writing in 2011. Somewhere Safer deals with questions that lie at the very heart of American-ness: what does it mean to be a citizen, a political activist, a person in modern America?

We’ll be presenting the play at the 2013 NYC International Fringe Festival, and in just a few weeks – on August 11th – we open at the Connelly Theatre.

I’m reaching out because I want you to be involved in the play’s conversation. There are many ways to be a contribution to the process and to stay connected.

  • If you are an NYC local, you can buy tickets here.
  • You can watch our video, designed to provoke conversation around the play’s topics
  • You can read our show blog, which will be updated throughout the process.
  • If you are able to donate, like all indie theatre artists we are appreciative. If you cannot donate, but would like to share the campaign, please feel free! We’ll be updating it with interviews and show times as the show continues to unfold. We have some excellent perks, including a post-show talkback with the cast and creative team.

As I watch world events unfold around me, the questions in the play press at me more and more, and I’m anxious to share them and provoke discussion through my writing and activism. I speak for our whole team when I say we are excited to bring the play to life.

Thanks for your support and engagement with my work, and all you do in your own communities,


Watch the video:

Better yet, see the play at FringeNYC 2013!

We’re with you, Lauren. Break a leg!