WEB SERIES: THE FANTASTIC FRIENDS entire Season 1 is Up & Running

ff-logo_4-600x641From time to time over the past couple of months, TVWriter™ has reported here on what’s happening with Southeast Asia Animation and its flagship animated web series, The Fantastic Friends.

Today it is our pleasure to tell everybody that all 11 episodes of the series are now up and running on YouTube and at SEAA’s website.

If you’re into irreverent chaos that makes shows like Rick and Morty, Ren and Stimpy (remember that one?), and Beavis and Butthead (or that Golden Oldie) look like straight-laced, slow-paced, and somber exercises in respect and organization, then The Fantastic Friends just might be your cup of tea.

Join the thousands of viewers who’ve taken the big leap forward into the world of Southeast Asia Animation in the last month, which is the short time this unexpected little sleeper has been on the web. Won’t it be wonderful when you can say, “Hey! I knew those idiots when!”?

Yeppers, kids, this is a genuine Munchman recommendation. And you know the Muncher wouldn’t steer you wrong. Talk about cred! He’s the Executive Producer of this, um, ulp abomination wonderfully wild and definitively cockamamie thing!

Hey kids! How about trying out Episode 6?