Web Series: “The Fantastic Friends Debuts Tomorrow!

This is Pumpkin, the show's soon-to-be sex symbol. Just think - you've seen her first!
This is Pumpkin, the show’s soon-to-be sex symbol. Just think – you’ve seen her first!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Actually, it’s already up HERE and as of this writing – Oct. 14 2016 – has over 16,000 views!

LB’s been talking for awhile now about Southeast Asia Animation, and tomorrow’s the official (whatever that means on the interwebs) premiere of the SEAA website at (what else?) http://seaa.media as well as the debut of The Fantastic Friends in The Battle For Eternity Series 1 Episode 1.

FFITBFE (don’t worry, we promise never to use that acronym again) already has quite a few views on YouTube, but greedy bugger that our Beloved Leader is, he wants more, more, more!

So give it a click and SURF AROUND THE SITE while you’re there. Lots of bright, fresh, original, interesting, and totally off the wall stuff!

EDITOR’S NOTE: The actual web page devoted to the show is HERE

EDITOR’S WARNING: We feel called upon to remind everybody that our own Munchman (yes, now he wants us to capitalize his name after all these years) is the Executive Producer of this show, so prepare your pure little eyeballs and innocent ears for an assault of demented, immature, and totally bizarre humor, the likes of which hasn’t been seen anywhere since the last time Adam Sandler was funny. (Um, there was a time, right? We kinda remember a time…oh well.)

EDITOR’S 2nd NOTE: Um…in case your haven’t clicked to the video yet – and why not? It’s short, only a tad over 5 minutes long so no danger of too much brain damage, maybe – or if you did watch it once but aren’t quite sure what you saw, here’s the synopsis that got the whole ball rolling:


When a group of young, hard-partying, lifetime nerds accidentally eat radioactive chili cooked in a broken microwave oven, they find themselves with unusual ultramegapowers, including the ability to travel through time (and at least one that’s possibly too gross to mention).

And there ya have it!