Web Series: Ruth’s Alternative Caring

Not a real web series but a mighty fine facsimile thereof, Ruth’s Alternative Caring is the show within a show – specifically a series of 10 commercials for various strains of the green – on Munchman’s favorite TV series of all time, Disjointed.

Somehow, yesterday, when he reviewed the series, which has the distinction of being the absolutely worst reviewed show of the summer, and maybe of TVWriter™’s lifetime, the munchmeister forgot to mention that the stoned out commercials have been ported to YouTube for whatever nefarious reasons a major producer like Chuck Lorre, co-creator of the TV series with, might have.


Or not.

But remember, if you don’t enjoy Ruth’s Alternative Caring the day will come, amigos and amigas, when you’re going to have to answer to munchadildo…and all this TVWriter™ minion can say is, “Watch your step.”