We just found the most fantastic video-making software


by Team TVWriter™ News Service

It’s called FrameForge Previs Studio, and if it’s a tenth as good as its creators claim, it’s more valuable than gold bitcoins:

FrameForge Previz Studio 3 enables you to create a virtual 3D set in your computer with the freedom to place any number of virtual cameras in any placement, angle or height desired. Each camera features full Pan/Tilt, Dolly, Zoom, Roll and Crane control with the options to limit focal length to a specific zoom range or set of prime lenses, limit minimum and maximum heights (due to equipment limitations or physical ceilings) to accurately portray the actual range of your equipment.

Its ‘behind the scenes’ power and filmmaker friendly controls will empower you to experiment and discover the very best shots to capture each story moment.

FrameForge is not about your mastery of the pencil but more how you can explore and see what your actual equipment will see. Find your artistry here and it’s in the can!

One of our favorite TV/film writer-producer-directors, Dean Devlin of LEVERAGE, INDEPENDENCE DAY, STARGATE, has this to say:

“It’s a fantastic communication tool for the crew and for production. And it’s so fast, I’ve often been able to board the afternoon’s work over lunch!  This is a must have application.”

Okay, granted that we have no clue what he means above, we admit to being curious. Anybody out there ever use Previz Studio 3? Did it work for you? Is it working for you now? Let us know!

Find out more cuz…information is free on the interwebs, especially when those who’re giving it out want to sell you something.

(Um, this probably isn’t going to land us any advertising deals with FrameForge, is it? Damn, we wish we’d taken a course or two in getting along with the Big Money Guys. >sigh<)

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